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Sorry guys , but I wasn't suspecting the tech, thus did not tell the hall story. I wanted to replace the water pump becouse it was rutling (bearing might have gone south) plus the "O" ring looked like a buble. As far as fan clutch, it was not stif and I could stop the fan with my fingers or spin it more than a few inches when engine is off. So all of those thoings I wanted to replace anyway. Radiator.... well, I don't know about that one. Few people besides the tech sugested to change it (as mentioned above, cloged radiator doesn't let hot air to the clutch). I did the work myself, so it was only the price of the radiator itself.
The tech will replace the clutch this weekend at no cost,
and I am hoping that will solve the problem. What woried me is that the tech was scheptical about the defective clutch and said thats it probably the head gusket. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
P.S. The termostat was changed a year ago.
Before all of this was done, when the car overheated in trafick, it took 10-20 seconds to cool once out of the jam. Now it takes couple of minutes if not longer to come down.
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