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First, never take the engine right to 2000 rpm stone cold, you have essentially no oil circulation and you will eventually ruin the bearings and cylinder walls. Wait 30 sec or so, and drive slowly for at least two blocks before exceeding 2000 rpm. The engine will last at least twice as long.

You almost certainly have a dead visco clutch. If it's covered with greasy dirt, it's dead for sure (that's the oil that is supposed to be inside).

The new one is pretty easy to install, you need an 8 mm Allen, a coathanger wire, and a few minutes. Pull the fan shroud clips, insert the allen into the center of the clutch, use the wire to trap the clutch from behind (should be a small slot in the bearing bracket), loosen allen, unscrew it (use both hands, it's tight in there!), remove clutch and fan complete. Unscrew fan from old coulth (10mm screws, I think), screw onto new clutch, install using the coat hanger to tighten. Very easy.

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