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Roadside Assistance is non-expiring for "Sign and Drive", which is: out of gas, flat tire, jump start. Non-sign and drive are at the roadside technician discretion, that is, they CAN help you, if they "feel like it". Roadside Assistance can also help out in various ways (tech help, etc) for non-warranty situations. Other programs are in effect for warranty customers (including Starmark owners) incl. trip continuation service. Your dealer should have RAP (Roadside Assistance Program) leaflets available, or someone at 1 800 For MERCedes should be able to send you the leaflet concerning RAP. Not all RAP services are conducted by the dealership. In some locations (generally outside of a 30 mile range of a dealership), alternate service providers are called, usually AAA, I believe. To elaborate, ALL Mercedes are covered by sign and drive, regardless of age or how many owners, only a few exceptions exist, a gray market vehicle is the only exception that comes to mind at the moment.....Gilly
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