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Hmmm a trick question...

What type coolant is compatable with MB coolant, why MB coolant of course. Don't mix anything else in with your MB coolant because it may cause solid particles to precipitate out of the coolant which may effectively clog your radiator.

It has been said by some that it doesn't matter the color of the coolant, but you have to drain and flush (and drain and flush and drain and flush etc) to ensure you have removed all of the old coolant. I used MB coolant when I refilled the system after a radiator boiling and new hoses, just because. It wasn't that much more than any of the stuff I could have gotten at the local Pep Boy's. I had no idea what the prior owner had in there, so I flushed and flushed (5X) just to be sure the system was clean.

I have to admit, I like the odd color of the MB coolane, and the best part is I can see through the coolant, to see the condition of the core tubes.

All that said, coolant has been one hot topic round here. You have the Green grassy side and the straw side. Try a search on coolant and see what I mean.
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