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I just went through changing all of my glow plugs and had the unenviable task of removing one that broke off in the head - not fun!! See the post about it here - E300TD glow plug stuck/broken.

Anyway, I have a couple of things I wanted to add to the great posts by Lightman and Rick Miley about the glow plug change.

1. In order to get to the bolt that holds the intercooler pipe to the EGR from underneath, you need to remove the smaller noise encapsulation panel. With it out of the way, that bolt is easily accessed. It is also an allen head, the same size as the ones on the valve cover cover.

2. The bolt on the clamp for the corrugated pipe to the EGR was reasonably easy to remove with a ratcheting closed end wrench. When reinstaling that bolt, point it in the direction where you can get to it with a socket with an extension. Makes it muich easier to put on and will make it much easier to remove it the next time.

3. I found no need to remove the windshield washer bottle. But should you want to remove the washer bottle, know what those two pipes are that you have to disconnect. They carry coolant. One carries it to the tank to keep the washer fluid warm. The other carries it away from the tank. If you drain the hose into the reservour when you remove it, you will be draining coolant into the reservoir which will likely cause a smeary windshield when you use it the next time. The two hoses are part of a closed system and neither one is meant to be drained into the reservoir. Also, be careful if you are removing those hoses when the engine is hot because they will be full of very hot coolant. Believe me, I know.

4. When covering up the holes in the head after you have removed the manifold which is an excellent idea, duct tape works well too.

Anyway, thanks again to Lightman and Rick for the great article. it was a huge help and gave me the confidence to attack my problem. Probably saved me over $2500 since the glow plug broke off and that's what the dealer would have charged me to remove a broken glow plug if they broke it off which I think was likely.

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