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I just finished this repair and have some mixed results to
report. The good news is that my SRS light was installed in
the wrong hole. That is now corrected. The bad news is that
my clock repair didn't work. I think I know why. When I
removed one capacitor, I lost track of the positive lead.
My old capacitors were labeled with a "+" sign. The new
Radio Shack units are marked with a "---" sign. This is a
little confusing. Make a note of the plus sign and then
reverse your new capacitor to match. I did test the fixed
clock and reassembled after I heard it tick. It ticks but
doesn't move the clock hands nearly as fast. I will reverse
the capacitor soon and try again.
Once you have the dash removal took, it comes apart pretty
quickly. The connectors come off easily and it goes together
easily, too. Pay attention to the wires. The connections

1- Round multi-plug - Keyed so only inserts in one position
2- Oil pressure line - Mine was a press on rubber fitting
3- Tachometer connector - 3 pin keyed
4- Clock power wire
5- Speedometer sensor wire. Round, no trouble.
6- Labeled lamps for #2,3,5 indicated holes. 3 is SRS.
7- Rectangular plug, about 8 pins. Keyed.
8- Temperature sensor plug. 4 pins. Keyed.

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