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coil fix

I found a thread on the coil problems with 190's and 300's nor really having a strong spark. ( neither here not there for arguement) what I am saying is, I had an old coil and a suspected ignition/coil problem. I followed the threads advice and got a Accel universal Hi output coil from mail order. Installed it in about an hour in original location and just replaces coil lead end. This not only fixed idle and start prob. but the engine runs better, uses less gas, and the coil with shipping cost under $60. I can supple the info I gathered in the installation on request. It has been in the car for 5000 miles and no problems whatsoever with compatability. Same with the o2 sensor swap I learned about on the site. 1990 Ford mustang sensor is the same output and input information...sensor costs only $37! Direct replace MB part. Works for 190 and 300, maybe more
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