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Thanks for the replies! I have done most of the upkeep on the 300E, and know most of the history. He is the second owner. I think it should be between $12-1500 to change the head gasket. With the need to haul clients around, the 300E gives me the option to pile things in the trunk and not have them seen. I wish I could keep Hilde, but I live in a condo and don't want to leave it out. I'm in Dallas, and the heat here will ruin a car quickly sitting out. It stays covered pretty well all the time. I'd like to get around $5K for the wagon. It has 171 (I looked at it wrong) full service records, the suspension levels perfectly, AC is WONDERFUL, and I'm about to install new motor mounts. I just installed Euro lamps that look GREAT. The wagon has NEVER had paint work done, and the carpets look like new. The seal around the transmission filter pan needs to be changed (seeping) so I will probably have that done this week.
If anyone would like pictures of the wagon, I can email them.
If anyone would like to share stories of head gasket replacement, I'm all eyes...
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