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Hi Steve and other ignition expert, I have 2 topics

1) In the EZL data page (94) of the Mercedes 103 manual, it shows the resistance between primary terminal 1 and 15 should be 0.30-0.60 ohm. But in next page on how to test the ignition coil, it shows if the resistance is not within 0.36 and 0.40 ohm, replace the coil. My first question is which set of spec. is right? If the 0.36 to 0.40 is right, why such a tight tolerance? my coil shows 1.1 ohm, it still runs, should it be replaced? With 1.1 ohm, does it mean I am getting a weaker spark due to higher resistance?

2) Many members toyed with the ides of using ACCEL 140008 coil, the primiary resistance of that coil is 0.50 ohm. Can this coil be used? They use + and - rather than 1 and 15 on the terminals, can you tell me how Mercedes corresponce

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