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Just got back from looking at the car..........

Didn't have much time but did manage to brush off at least a foot of snow to look at certain areas. I also took some photos - but won't have those ready until this evening.

Car looks to be in decent shape - no major problems identified. Needs someone with a greasy rag under the hood.

Stack of service records in the glove box - I did not take the time to go through all of them.

There is a little bit of bondo in the rear wheel arch area - nothing horrible. Interior is not beat up - Worn area on verticle part of drivers seat. When the car was repainted he used a color that was more yellow than the original - One of the photos will show that.

I did not have the time to stick around and try and get a charger on the battery. This could be done soon.

PM me with questions - I may be able to answer them (then again - maybe not)

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