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i had a test at a test and repair facility when i bought my car, and the hose from the valve cover was broken. the fool there tried to tell me it was for the fuel pressure regulator and that my car wouldnt pass unless he repaired it. i told him to forget that repair and just test the car. but he insisted.
so i broke it down for him, told him id been a mechanic at the mercedes agent in zimbabwe and knew more about that car than he did. told him i knew the difference between a vent tube and a fuel pressure regulator, that he better not try and pull any more stunts like that, and that i would be watching him diligently as he performed the test to make sure he didnt unplug any other stuff for nefarious purposes.

he tried to fail me on the gas cap. i said go ahead and fail it. i get a free retest, and i can get a new cap at pep boys for five bucks. i can be back in 10 minutes for my free retest.

suffice it to say i passed.

my 76 BMW 2002 on the other hand "fit the profile of a gross polluter" and was required to be tested at a test only facility. id had a recent tuneup so i just gave a quick italian tuneup, and took it to a test only place near my house, kept it running while i was waiting.

guy pulls it in, consults his book, tell me its "missing x. y is disconnected and z is missing"; ive already failed. ok, lemme go i say.
no no no says he, i still have to test it. and he does. AND IT PASSES. but he wont jimmy the results. i already know that IF i can find a thermoreactor its going to be at least $600, some other small parts for maybe 50 bucks plus a major tuneup ($300) since i have a tii manifold right now which flows very well vs the thermoreactor. no way im going to pay almost $1100 to pass a test my car already passes.

i said screw it, its gonna be thirty model years in another years time or so i'll buy another car to use until then. i bought my 300E, and waited. and while i was on vacation, that bastard governator signed a bill nullifying the rolling 30 year exemption and exempting only 1975 and earlier cars.

so now i still have a BMW 2002 that wont pass the smog test on a technicality. just waiting for may to see what happens.
bmw 2002.
long live the legend
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