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Shows you how much I know....I thought in Calif, that it had been 20 years did not get inspected, then it changed to 1972 and before, and is now 1975 and before. But I just read ....

Beginning April 1, 2005, the 30-year rolling exemption will be repealed. Instead, vehicles 1975 model-year and older will be exempt. Therefore, 1976 model-year and newer vehicles will continue to be subject to biennial inspection indefinitely.

I did not know we were on a rolling 30 year

Only suggestion I have for a mail forwarding box in Vegas, and get your car registered there. Their smog guidelines are way more relaxed than Calif...hell...everybody is more relaxed than Calif. I love seeing cars labeled as...."Calif car"...or "other 49 states"
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