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This might be long letter, but...

Recently I've got married.

My wife's father tell me 'bout (something like 1979) MB 450 W116.
5 years ago (!) one guy asked him to drive the car to Moscow and back (approx. 2500 km).
The car was returned in very bad condition. Engine was blowed down.

After 8 month of repair works done by me and father we got stuck at all.(I must say, that we live at very center of Russia in very small town -- no one can help us at all, no any official services, parts, information etc.)

So, there are many questions:

1) WHAT is engine type at all? In documents we got a MB 450. The engine number is 116945.

2) All of vacuum connections are gone. Any K-Jetronic descriptions from Internet tells practically nothing.

3) Engine starts, works very poor on high RPM for a minute, then stops. After it starts only on the next day.

And many more...

I must add that I earn something about $100 a month. This is good for our town. That's why we can't afford any official spares.
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