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What does it do?

What does that unit that you added do, anyway, Stephen?
That unit is the remote control head for a VHF/UHF two-way radio. If you have a well-rounded personality, it allows you to converse within line-of-sight range. If there are defects in your character, it will take over your entire life, and you end up like me.

Q: What does it cost to be involved in Amateur Radio?
A: Everything you have, plus a little.

I'm planning a similar install in my 300CD, except I don't have the coin tray. I got a spare ashtray, unscrewed the handle so that I have a flat surface to work with. Now I'm tracing the control head outline, and I plan to use my router to carve out the wood. Then I'll drill a hole for the control head cable, and mount the slightly recessed control head. The TM-D700A goes in the trunk.

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