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I have a 98 E320 with around 110K mile, quite a reliable car so far.

For the time & milaged that I've put in the car, the following have been changed & repaired (list of cost for part), this is not included maintenances & wear & tear (tire, brake, shock, belt, spark plug, oil...) :

1. Air Mass Sensor ($200)
2. Brake light switch ($15)
3. Windows regulator ($80)

I think it's a very reliable car, provided that you find an honest mechanic. Most mechanic still see owners of MBnz as banker, ready to be robbed, so they must make up story & crabby stuff to charge Benz victim.

My case: BAS/ASR lights turn on, one shop told me it would cost at least $800 (part & labor) to replace the so called "Anti Skid module"...blablabla..... Did a little research on forum myself, turn out it was a brake switch that cost $15 and 15 minutes of my time.

No sign of rust whatsoever, but I live in Southern CA.

Originally Posted by ccmbduong
With all of the "not so good quality" of MB compared to Lexus , I wonder if you can share with us your experiences with your MB, especially the later models since I am told that the earlier models, i.e. before 1990, are much higher quality
I will start... my '96 E320 has 64K miles, bought used with 38K, no problems at all. Changed spark plugs and trans fluid at 60K. I change my own oil, use Mobil 1 at 10K intervals(5-30 or 15-50 grades), car does not burn oil at all. I am hoping that I can keep this car > 300K... some signs of rust though
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