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Originally Posted by ccmbduong
With all of the "not so good quality" of MB compared to Lexus , I wonder if you can share with us your experiences with your MB, especially the later models since I am told that the earlier models, i.e. before 1990, are much higher quality
I will start... my '96 E320 has 64K miles, bought used with 38K, no problems at all. Changed spark plugs and trans fluid at 60K. I change my own oil, use Mobil 1 at 10K intervals(5-30 or 15-50 grades), car does not burn oil at all. I am hoping that I can keep this car > 300K... some signs of rust though
Hi ZAM! I didn't know you were on this board too!

I have a 96 E320 with 157,9XX miles on it.
no big problems to mention, not even the rust.
The car still feels solid and the engine is strong. I just drove to Vegas and back over the weekend and it is still a great car to drive.
I plan on keeping this car as my daily driver as long as it is economical to drive. If it starts to cost alot to repair, I will ditch it for something else.

As far as Lexus goes, I use to have a LS400, Very smooth car. It will last just as long if not longer than a Mercedes. The Lexus had over 168,000 miles on it and it was in good shape. Had to get a replacement because it was totalled in an accident.

I use to think that I had to buy the latest car models but I after started to read the posts on this forum, I realized that you can drive these cars for along time and save some money.
I put my money in appreciating assets now.
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