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need tips on 126 hood hinge R&R

last week i had an incident with my hood flying up and doing all sorts of damage....bent the hood and hinges, as well as cracking the windshield....

i got a hood ordered and its coming with a set of hinges, i also have another set of hinges here...i figured i would get started with the removal while im waiting on the hood to get here....i got the hood off without any problems at all...i just need to know the easiest way to replace the i going to need to remove the whole fender to get to those 4 nuts that hold the hinge on? my workshop manual says to remove the inner fender, i assume they are talking about the black plastic piece that runs inside the wheel well...i removed that, and could only reach 2 of the bolts on the passenger side...its looking like the job would be much easier if i were to just pull the fender off...but i dont know how much trouble that is, in itself.....i just need someone who has been through this before to give me some tips on getting those pesky, hard to reach, bolts...TIA
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