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I have an 81 300D. The driver's side rear wheel makes a scraping sound. At first I thought it was brakes, but sometimes it would go away, so I just kept driving it as it was my wife's and my only car. On Friday I bought another car (Volvo, one year newer), and Sunday the Mercedes really started to scrape so I jacked it up on both sides and took off both rear wheels. All 5 lug nuts had been ground on the ends - almost like a grinder. It isn't too bad on the lugnuts - The threads are not affected, but something is definitely wrong.

With the lug nuts out, and the transmission in neutral, I can turn the driver's side rotor only with difficulty. It is not freewheeling. The passengerside seems to roll normally, but could use some lubrication, I am sure.

Am I in trouble? I have read the posts about emergency brakes, rear bearings, etc. It doens't seem to fit anything perfectly, But I am sure that there can be many symptoms of the same problem... I'm not looking forward to a bearing replacement, but that sounds like it may be it. Something is definitely inside the hub to be grinding against the bolts. (This is the rear hub and long bolts.)

It scrapes backing up, rolling forward, under acceleration, nuder braking, and seems to have a regular clunking at times, other times not.

I don't know if I should fix it or buy another Mercedes. This car has not been well taken care until I got it, has very low compression, won't start in the winter, has an unexplained oil leak, is full of rust rattles like crazy. But I love it. And I want another one jsut like it. Well, in better condition, maybe.
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