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Thank you for helping me, some more info.

Originally posted by ejsharp
The leaking coolant catches my attention. That's indicative of a blown head gasket. Did the car overheat at any time prior to the problem? Do you have coolant in your oil? Check your dipstick. Is coolant coming out of your exaust pipe? If so it most likely is a blown head gasket. You might have coolant in your hydrolic lifters that causes the ticking sound.

Thank you!

1. No known overheating history.
2. No trace of coolant in oil or dipstick.
3. Most likely, coolant is leaking trough exaust pipe.

Do you still think itīs possible with coolant in the lifters? I would like that, cheaper than camshaft and easyer than headgasket.

Super big thanks!

Best Regards Tobix
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