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Looks not so good

1) It didn't save "spaces" between the numbers (in previous post)...

2) I live in Ozersk town, 150 Km from Chelyabinsk. This town is closed (it name was Chelyabinsk-65), here is situated most powerful nuclear facility in Russia - PA "Mayak". It restores used nuclear fuel, produces fuel for nuclear plants, extracts plutonium from atomic weapons e.t.c. I was working on it till 1 of april, as a designer for a newspaper "PrO MAYAK". Now I've lost my job there (because of my boss, who wanted her daughter to have that job). Now I'm not employed, but that's not the problem - I'm one of the best designers in town - the problem is in salary. No one can pay more than $70-$80. I start to work in other newspaper by the 1 of May.
BUT! The good news is that Anatoli today began to work on Mayak - our income will be twice bigger.

3) The name in russian is shaiba! I'm sorry... :-(((

4) Well, I'll travel to Moscow, I'll buy that newspaper and WHAT??? I don't know WHAT to fix! I don't know WHAT to buy. Or I'll get in touch with that MB technician - I can't transport my car to Moscow, and I can't drive him INTO town - IT'S CLOSED! Can you understand our situation? Anatoli is desperate! He is trying to get the car up for five years! You are (all of you) the only our hope.
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