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I didn't "walk in the dealership" with parts and oil. I left them on the front seat of the car and when the service advisor came back from looking at the car, he simply said I see you have oil and parts..we'll deduct those from the cost of the B service. He quoted me the price of the service before I ever mentioned anything about having my own oil, oil filter, and pollen filter. Again, it was not the cost of the service that upset me, it was the quality of the workmanship. I'm taking the car back in tomorrow to get the glove box repaired. I work for a living and my time is as valuable as theirs and yet not so much as an 'I'm sorry for the inconvienence". That's what ticks me off!

Thanks for all the info...I see I'm not the only one who is less than impressed with MB dealer FSS service.
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