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This car is a 140,000 mile 2.3 gas. The rear seat leg room is minimal. I wouldn't want to spend much time back there, but my primary passengers are two small children. I will say that the cabin design creates a pretty compfortable seating postion considering the lack of space. I don't know if I have the new or old design.

I bought this car for next to nothing, so I won't feel cheated by the experience either way, but the laundry list of repairs is frustrating. There is NO WAY I will spend 3k on engine repairs to this car because it seems to be severely worn in so many other ways. I fear that this particular machine has had a very rough life.

The car burns (probably a combination of burning and leaking) about a quart of oil every 1000 miles or so. There is ample smoke from the exhaust. I'm not sure if that is oil or coolant. I can't tell. The oil tends to smell a bit like gasoline. It starts great when cold, but it will not start after warm-up unless the accelerator is fully depressed.

Other than surging at idle, the car runs fairly well after start-up.
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