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I have started going through the troubleshooting guide on my 1985 300D

and have not met the criteria of the following items -
a) Instruction #6 in the article - I put the vacuum pump on the line going down to the green vacuum box on the side of the tranny and it does not hold the same amount of vacuum for 5 minutes. I will check the line and then replace the vacuum box as necessary. Does it sound like I need a new vacuum box since it "leaks down" (assuming the line does not have any problems)?
b) Instruction #7 in the article - I disconnected the linkage to the regulating valve at the injection pump lever (ball joint) and with the engine at idle I moved the lever on the regulating valve to full throttle position (or in that direction anyway) and the engine was no longer at idle. I must be missing something because my vacuum pressure dropped very slightly and then it went negative approximately 20" Hg. It never did go to 0 like the write up says it should. Is this write up for a non-turbo engine? What am I doing wrong? Can this cause the tranny to shift into high gear at low speed? I have already adjusted the Bowden cable per the directions.
I will proceed after these items are in correct order.

'85 300D
'95 E320
'97 CRV
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