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As some of you may remember, I recently purchased a 91 300 CE. Typical of the Naples Italy area, somebody tried to borrow it last night.

They were obviously amateurs because they did not succeed.

They did however:

1. Destroy the transmission shift linkage
2. Rip most of the wiring from under the dash
3. Destroy both of the door handles and the ignition switch
4. Break the rear right window
5. Pulled several wires out of the fuse box under the hood
6. Removed the alarm box
7. Destroyed all the trim around the dash and center console
8. Broke the drivers side mirror adjust lever
9. Damaged the Driverís seat (May not need to be replaced)
10. Questionable Climate Control, some damage
(This is only what I can see so far)

For all their work, they were rewarded with a $200 Kenwood radio without the face plate.

My question is: The Insurance company told me to have it towed to the MB dealer and that they would have the adjuster meet with the dealer for the estimates.

I don't know which book the insurance company is going to use to determine the value of the car. My quick guess is if I use the dealer for the repair, the bill is going to be over 7,000 USD.

If I use a reputable mechanic and have them buy parts from the dealer, the bill may be less, but they may miss some of the finer tuning issues. (Non MB Mechanic)

Any thoughts on the typical value in Europe for this car and where the repairs should be done?

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