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The european way to mount european license plates to the front bumper on a W124 is shown below:

The license plate is screwed to the bumper with 4 screws, 1 in each corner. Behind the license plate is a plastic panel that covers all other screw positions and that houses the temperature sensor. The part# of this panel is 124 885 10 23.
As you can see there are a lot of different sized euro plates that can be mounted to the black MB bumper trim.

The license plate holders that are linked above, are normal license plate holders and are normally used for the rear license plates; like this:

The license plate holder has a couple of (slotted) holes to fit any possible car, but I only use this license plate holder on the rear of mercedes vehicles.

European license plates normally tell something about the region where it is registrated.
The german plate that is posted above starts with a D. The first letter or set of letters is an abbreviation of the city/region the owner lives. If I remember correctly D stands for Düsseldorf, but I am not sure (K for Köln, HH for Hamburg, B for Bonn and so on).
French license plates end with a 2-digit number that is related to the region in which the car is registrated as well (89 for the St Tropez region).
In contraire of the French and German license plates (which are owner related), the dutch license plates are car related and the combination of letters/digits are related to the timeframe in which the car is first registrated.

Ben, if you want some additional pictures just send me a mail message and I will attach some other pictures.

...just some info...greetingz,
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