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C230 Gas Gauge Failed

I purchased the car with 5400 miles on it from a Non MB used car lot that in fact was the original owner. They had 16 of these that were used for incentives for their sales people.
so I got to take my pick of the litter. I checked the title
in carfax and called the originating dealer to verify their story. They had just changed the oil but did not reset the FSS. I had run it another 3600 miles with the FSS showing 2300 to go when I had the gauge problem. Since the trip to the dealer is 130mi round trip, for me there was no question about getting the A service done at the same time fortunatly the dealer agreed.
They were very good about it and there was no charge for anything. The car was done early & washed and it appears to be a job well done. I hope that all future services go this well.
I do not have any information on other models that may have this problem and my observation of the gauge behavior in the ML is just that an observation, it may not be subject to the same problem but that one sure acted funny.
As far as indicating the proper level, the original gauge was so close I could look at it and tell how much fuel I would be able to put in +/- a half gallon. It was dead on until the failure. The new gauge seems to be accurate but it will take a few fillups to prove that out. I do have a problem getting fuel into the tank as the auto shutoff nozzle will shut off constantly and I have to baby it to get the tank full. I have tried several different pumps with only slight improvement. I cannot get the nozzle more than half way into the filler tube because the large plastic shield that is installed on the nozzle for vapor recovery interferes with the gas cap door on the car. Do you encounter this problem? The stations in Texas used a spring loaded bellows with a vacuum on it for vapor recovery and that worked fine.

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