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I've had to do this a few times to get wheels off to send in for refinishing.It's not alot of fun. You almost have to have a couple good floorjacks to raise the car evenly, but if you only have one, I can suggest a way to do it. You DON'T wanna try this with the factory jack for changing a tire. What I have done is to raise the front of the car at the crossmember under the engine (NOT the oil pan!) and then the jackstands I usually put under the rear part of the front subframe supports (looks like a frame rail, inboard about a foot or so from the factory lifting pad). Then raise the rear, lifting with a floorjack right under the differential, the jackstands on the rear I do use the factory lifting pads. Be careful when placing the right front jackstand that you don't put it under the catalytic converter or converter heat shield. If you do have a pair of floorjacks, you can lift the front of the car by the subframe supports instead of the factory lifting pads and still get the jackstands under the subframe supports, too. You have to have a fairly good sized floorjack to lift it with. The larger the jackstands, the larger your floorjack is going to have to be (higher lift capability) or else use a 4X4 block of wood on the floorjack pad to help lift the car higher, but only use one block, stacking blocks to do this would seem unsafe, even to a maniac like me!...Gilly
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