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Ron -

Don't know if Steve & I vs. you are talking about the
same thing. We're specifically talking about a creaking/
graunching noise from the rear suspension when both
sides of the suspension move together - as when driving
over a good sized dip in the road, or perhaps a speed

I too notice the car seems quieter with a full load
than empty. When unloaded, it has a "boomy" character
to the noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. I've
always chalked this up to normal station wagon character.
When empty the road noise and such seem to echo around
the car. Loading it up with people and/or "stuff" seems
to muffle and/or dampen all that echo - it seems much

That said, it's still a pretty decently quiet car. Even
with just the wife and I in the car, we never have to
raise our voices to carry on a coversation, even at
high speed.
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