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I bought this car because it was cheap and it doesn't look like a jalopy. I was curious enough about these cars to gamble the price of this one just to check it out. My problem is that I get affection for my cars and I want them to be perfect. This car would likely be fine, as is, for most people, and will probably run forever. The smoke from the exhaust is usually not even visible, but there is a lot of noise from the engine compartment. I'm going to fix it. I got a bit frustrated with this car. My prior posts were at a point when I was trying to determine the extent of repairs and whether to do them myself, if at all. I read all this tremendous knowledge being shared, but my issues got no interest.

I read posts here every day. Some of the regulars here are amazing. It is clear that you are all very enthusiastic about your cars. When I found this site, I had just bought my 190, and I expected that true MB enthusiasts would turn up their noses at anyone driving an old car like mine. Seeing that there are so many here who also drive high mile Mercedes is a bit inspirational.

I would like to confess that my car is a money pit largely because of my illogical drive to repair everything.
Incedentally, two repairs that I have made recently actually cost about 10% of what I was told to expect to pay.

Thanks for your letting me get that off my chest.

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