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Originally Posted by JimmyL
I could have been in a knife fight and come out with less blood loss!
Since it was a rainy yucky day, I decided to take a couple different seat parts, cram them with pool noodles, and make me a complete seat with a little less sag. My wagon has navy blue interior and I have been cruising around with a black seat since the 2nd week of ownership. (I use the term 'cruising around' loosely).
I purchased a wagon interior from good ole leathermang last summer, and I originally thought only the back seats (60/40) were any good. Well, the passenger seat back was OK, and with a whole lot of rust removal and padding maybe I could make something out of the driver seat bottom. (threw seat back away this past summer, and the seat bottom had become hidden under other stuff )
Well, a couple of observations. That freakin seat frame is sharp! Everywhere. And when you are cramming pool noodles, and pulling them back out, and cramming them somewhere else, you get rather sliced!
The seat currently feels OK just sitting in it on milk crates, but we'll see when I install it in the wagon. I think I'm gonna get a couple more noodles and put some more in the seat bottom, and some maybe in the seat back. All the hardware changing is the hardest part, as different years have different seatbelt hardware. I'm also having to cut a hole for the armrest, but the mounting holes are on both sides of the seats.
I'll add to this thread when I install seat in car and give it the fanny test.

Can you believe that in the 3rd picture, to the left under all the crappage is a beautiful '67 Camaro that I haven't hardly touched since I got this wagon. What on earth is wrong with me
Is that your bike over by the car?? Ride it to work instead of your car??? hehe Love the camaro.....any pics of it???? My dad had one, I always ask him, "you sold it why?????"

BTW, seats look good!
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