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Yes on the two pin the red/white has battery voltage and the ground is good. Don't misunderstand me.... the red/white is not supposed to be hot at the pump... the R/W wire ends at the two pin connector and feeds constant current to the circuit board. In turn the three pin is also connected to the circuit board and it's function is to signal or switch current from the R/W wire to the pump motor. Signals come from either of the two front doors or the trunk when the lock is mechanically activated. Thus the blue, green and yellow wires, one of each coming from the two doors and trunk.

If the blue is activated at the driver's door then it signals the circuit board to send current from the R/W to the pump motor. Same with the green and the yellow wire. Each activates the current from the R/W wire. Green coming from the passenger door and yellow from the trunk.

The problem seems to be that the circuit board is not getting the signals from the doors or trunk. I am certain that this is the case with the passenger door lock. Other reasons why the motor does not activate may lie in the circuit board. Maybe the voltage from the locks is too low to activate the electromagnetic points of the circuit board.

Is it possible to clean up the contacts in the two front doors?

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