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I'm happy with my super whites.
I found them to put out more light and whiter light than the standard Phillips H4's. I also aligned my euro's a little "cross eyed" so I have a large area out front of intense light. I did this because during night time I usually travel in suburbs with the possibility of pedestrians and I also drive in areas with curvy roads without any street lights etc... I'm usually going 80 km/h or slower so this
"cross eyed" set up works with a distinct advantage. With the beams focused out front the light is VERY WHITE with no yellow. It honestly looks close to daylight which is nice because I can see EVERYTHING in my path this way. It isn't as white as the xeonons in my friends father's BMW 540i but, still quite white none-the-less.

If I were going on a trip where I would be driving at higher speeds at night, I would aim the lights differently because with my highbeams on currently I would miss things like reading road signs at high speed and that kind of thing. If you do drive a fair amount at night you should think about aligning your lights this way. You'll understand what I'm talking about. These lights now are almost as good as my father's '01 Volvo S40 which also has excellent lights with bulbs that are as white as these PIAA Superwhites. The Volvo's lights are on par with the '01 C240 easily. No xeonon but, compared with some other makes are impressive.

I recommend the PIAA Superwhites.
Good luck with what you decide!
Mike McKinney
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