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Just said what the hell, let's test it again. The guy was a jerk. I told him not to turn off the motor. He said that's not the way it's done. I told him to just leave it running.

10 minutes later, the sniffer. Here are the numbers:

15mph, 1316rpm:

CO2: 14.2
O2: .1,
HC: max 81, ave 21, meas 54
CO: max .47, ave .06, meas .12
NO: max 685, ave 150, meas 384 PASS

25mph, 1286rpm:

CO2: 14.3
O2: .05
HC: max 47, ave 13, meas 47
CO: max .44, ave .05, meas .05
NO: max 696, ave 136, meas 80 PASS!!!!!

Something's still up even though I passed. It still runs a little rough. Next it'll be those expensive caps and rotors and new plugs.

Duke, thanks for the help. Anything else to add?

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