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Earl: Let me know how you're doing. We were in the typical Monday Chicken-with-it's-head-cut-off mode today, didn't get a chance to look up anything. This weekend I was looking through my 124 CD-ROM from MB, got some conflicting info. Those discs aren't everything their cracked up to be, not when you compare it to info in a MB shop. The connector I referred to as the 3 wire is actually a 3 socket connector, with the 2 wire going into it, as you've discovered. This actually powers the pump, the other connector is to trigger the pump, not run it. On the other circular connector, is there an intermediate connector that connects to the pump, then the other connector plugs into that? An intermediate connector would be for a anti-theft system. If you have it, disconnect it and plug the pigtail directly into the pump without the intermediate connector, to by-pass the anti-theft and see if the central locking works without the anti-theft......Gilly
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