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Cool I dunno about the rest of Louisiana . . .

. . . but NO and its area is full of nuts. I think they're frightened of all the stalks by the steering wheel; they certainly have no idea about turn signals.

I've given up being so damn nice. Nowadays more and more people are getting my horn, and a nice long blast, too. If somebody wants to get into my lane, if he puts on his turn signal, I back off and let him merge in. If he can't be bothered to flick a lever, I close up the space while blasting the horn to warn him off. (Like some of you, I need more horn. A lot of these clowns with the crashing thumping noises from their speakers -- music, I guess they call it -- probably can't even hear my stock MB horn.)

Doesn't always work, and I'm not going to bluff somebody in a big pickup truck. But even once in a while, it's worth it.
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