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Is this a coincident?

I just got my car back from the dealer and the lights illuminating the instrument cluster no longer work. All other lights (dome, door, radio, etc) are working and I know the instrument cluster worked prior to the dealer getting the car.

I brought it into the dealer complaining that when I used the key to enter from the driver's side door the alarm would sound and could only be silenced by using the one of the other entry points. Competition Imports of Smithtown diagnosed the problem as a faulty door lock. Unfortunately they did a poor Q/A job and $332 later I still had the problem.

They were nice enough to pick-up and deliver the car the second time around however. This week the diagnostic reveled that it was not the door lock but rather the door latch. Ok, what can I say, they only charged me the difference between jobs ($43). Very fair IMHO.

Now the instrument cluster no longer lights. It could be coincidental but I just donít know.

Also, is the instrument cluster on itís own fuse?

'90 MB 500 SL
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