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I was about to acquire the Manual CD - but told my W126 wasn't covered by the CD. that the CD world begins with 1988 models. I imagine I will still find plenty info that applies.
Anyone know about that ?
Among the things I need to do in the car...I pulled out the radio and cigarette lighter assembly to reach into the upper console and discovered along the way why the lighter was not working - a previous owner had clipped the power to it. there are several unattached wires lurking in the dark back there... l suspect most are stereo cables. What would be the color of the lighter wiring ?(there is one pair,red &black/with red that look like a possibility)
Last but not least..this process began in order to fuss around with the air circulation knob(the one on the right not the blower knob on the left). it seems to get stuck and I am unable to move the air into the different ducts- above or below.the AC air does come out in force through the central ducts.
The duct in the passanger lounge throws plenty of hot air no matter if the AC is on or not. Any Ideas ?
thanks for the advice.
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