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Buddy: The part number you gave me can have 3 names. You can call it the Towing Protection Alarm Unit, the Anti-Tow sensor, or the Inclination Sensor. When the alarm system is set, it senses if the car has been tilted, as though being towed away (the only "good" way to steal one), or if someone is jacking it as if to steal the wheels. It is not on the interior CAN bus, it reports to the rear SAM, which then transmits the anti-tow sensor signal on the CAN. It needs no programming at all. The part number you gave was for 2001 only, a 2000 part number is 202-820-38-26, that number may convert over to the number you gave though, I didn't check. I'm sure it's a minor difference. The alarm won't keep the car from starting. I found this out tonight on a 2001 S430 I did a PDI on. I set the alarm off, then as soon as you put the smartkey in the ignition, the alarm shut itself off. If the key is inserted and won't turn, you have other problems. If the key does release and turn, but the car won't crank, go back to basics and check for a crank signal at the starter, we have had a couple bad starters on 112/113 engines already. As a general rule, any component without CAN wires won't need to be programmed. If a component does have CAN wires running to it, it will at least need to be version coded......GILLY
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