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The mercedes side markers come in two different shapes. We had the stretched square ones and the oval-like ones. The square ones were used on the W124 and most of the other models until 1997. The oval ones were used on the W210 and later W202's and other after 1997 models.

The square repeaters were only available in amber. The oval ones were available in white.
You can get after market (original shaped) black ones as well and the only thing you need to do, is file a special shaped hole in your fender, click in the repeater and hook it up to the front indicators (hooking up is plug and play).
After market gray/clear square repeaters are available as well in case you are looking for those. (goto overview/design/mercedes benz/side indicators)

I do have a set of white oval, black oval and amber square repeaters and I do have one set of wires and bulbs...
If you are interested, I can send it to you. I can get you an example of the hole to file as well.
The after market black indicators cost 50 Deutsch mark per set (approx. 25USD) without the wires (european cars all have repeaters and these sets only need to be exchanged and connected to the present wires).

So, the only OEM repeaters were amber square and white oval
Let me know what you prefer or want...


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