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How hard / expensive would an engine swap in a W210 be from the E300 Diesel into the E320 - that is putting a diesel enging into an E320? The diesel is only minimally heavier, so I suspect there would be no reason to change the suspension. I thought the transmissions between the two cars might be the same, so that could save some money too. What I've been able to come up with, that would require changing is:

engine mounts
fuel pump
engine management electronics
transmission electronics

Does anyone know of other things that would need changing / modifying? I know engine swaps have been discussed a number of times on the board, but most of them have been for older cars, or vastly different engines in terms of size, shape, etc. I wasn't able to find anything on this, so I thought I'd see what you all can come up with.

Reason for asking? Just idle curiosity. I think the current W210s have a number of features that I wish existed back in 1999 when MB last made a diesel in this category.


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