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Hello All,

I've had a 1992 500E for about 6 months, and, living in Michigan, have only started driving it regularly since the snow melted--a couple months ago. I found it on at a dealership in Indianapolis (Ooley & Blackburn). I am in love, having wanted one since they came out. Here are the particulars:

*Pearl Black with gray leather
*Alpine 7263 CD player with BBE sound equalizer
*100-watt amplifier
*Built-in K40 radar detector(haven't used)
*47,979 miles when purchased, 49,850 miles now
*Stock 16-inch 8-hole wheels with Michelin XGTZ4 225/55 tires, soon to be replaced with Bridgestone Pole Position
S-03 245/45-17s with 17 x 8.5-in AMG 5-spoke 170 wheels (per the recommendations of many on this board, including Michael in Conn.)

I'm about to do an oil change and read through the DIY section here. I'm also going to check the condition of the coolant, the brake fluid, the tranny fluid, brake pads and rotors. Any other procedures you'd recommend performing at 50K miles/a car you just purchased?

Thanks for your attention--this is a great board and I'm addicted!
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