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They are Different

Brother of The Benz, Klasse(my wife asks "is your first name Santa and may she give you her list early".
You are right, there are five gaskets and two seals for there area you are concerned.
1. cam cover
2. timing gear cover and cam seal
3. timing chain cover and crank shaft seal
4. cylinder head
5. a portion of the oil pan
I don't think I have overlooked any.
Any one of these can leak oil.
The cylinder head gasket can leak motor oil, engine coolant, and compression.
Try for the largest external leak first.
This will make the next leak the largest, continue this way untill they are all repaired.
By keeping the outside of your engine clean, leaks can be identified as they occur, and repaired before you have a number to contend with.
The cam cover and timing chain cover are Not the cylinder head gasket.
You maybe able to tell if the gaskets have been renewed by the cleanliness of the front on the engine.
If you have a front crankshft seal leaking, you are right in that you DO get all of the gaskets/seals in/on the components removed getting to the crank seal.
But the cylinder head gasket does not need to be removed to renew these front of the engine gasket/seals.
But again, renewing the cylinder head gasket does require the renewing of most of these gaskets/seals. The exception being the timing chain cover. I Theenk.
Always have seals/gaskets replaced that require the removal of accessories to gain access to the serviced part.
Example: the cylinder head is removed. What additional labor/part cost would there be to renew the water pump(provided it hasn't been renewed recently.)
As you can see, there is method to this madness.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from the Spiderman in Houston!!!
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