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For purely maintenance on my cars, not upgrades or bringing a newly acquired car up to my standards, I probably have spent over the years about $500 per year per car. Obviously, this very low figure indicates that I do almost all the work myself. I have found that there is little that I can't do myself or with the help/advice of one of my good neighbors and this great site. It should also be known that I am a tool junkie and have tools that even I haven't used yet. If you need a special tool to do the job, it usually is cheaper to buy the tool rather than having the job done by someone else. Another key to having very low maintenance bills is to sometimes realize that some things are simply not really worth fixing exactly as it originally came from the factory. As an example, my daughter had a simple switch go out on a Korean P.O.S. she once owned and a replacement was $55 from the dealer. I replaced it with a Mil. Spec. switch that would never fail for only $2. It looked fine and sure worked good.
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