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I was driving today, and my car decided that it now does not want to shift into 4th gear.

Fluid level is fine, all other gears shift fine, but 4th will not engage.

4th has engaged a few times though, but pretty much 3rd is the best I can get, because 4th just does not get shifted into.

I have taken the car to my mechanic, and I await the diagnostic, he told me that its possible its a solenoid, or somethign with the bowden cable in the best case senario.

He also told me my car had first gear start from the factory, so I was pleased about that.

Att he same time he does the repair, I'll be having him put in my springs, and he will go over the car doing a nice lube job and fluid changing.

I really hope it is not the trannyt hat needs to be rebuilt, otherwise its gonna be expensive for me to fix, but there wont be anythign I can do about it if it is broken.

The strange thing is the fluid in the tranny is fine, there is no slipping from what I can tell, but then again the moent I noticed it not going into 4th, I went straight to my mechanic.

The tranny shifts smooth into 2nd and 3rd, but its almost as if 4th is just not there, but when it does go into fourth on a occasion, which has happened a couple of times in the drive to my mechanic, it seems normal as can be, but the moment it comes out of 4th it then wont go back in.

The problem was not here the other day or even this morning, it was only there after I was on my way back from a client, then it started acting up and the car was warm and not cold, and was driving fine before hand.

Its very strange, so I am hoping its something not too expensive to repair.

What do you guys think, am I looking at a new tranny or do you think I should be able to get it worked out for a reasonable repair?

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