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Ok heres a chat I would like to know about all cars with the M110 six cylinder motor gasoline in 280 injected mode (Mechanical CIS)fitted to w126-280se w123-280ce/e/te w116-280se (Not sure of any others) what sort of mileage do you get on average per tank or better still Miles Per Gallon/Kilometres per litre, wagons or sedans . JUST TO SEE WHAT TYPES OF READINGS WE GET ALL AROUND THE PLACE, FROM USA TO EUROPE AND OF COURSE DOWN UNDER AUSTRALIA.
If you can list both MPG and Litres per kms so we all can work out our comparisons. This topic was suggested by a senior member when discussing my woes, so here goes.
My consumption was 230 to 250 kms per tank(60litre)
then I installed a Hiclone (clever little device that goes in the air filter just above the air intake it makes the incoming air circulate as it enters the manifold, supposed to make the gasses spin into the cylider/ So I gave it a go) and now I get 260 to 280 if I drive without much haste.
this means I have gone from 24 to 26 litres per 100 klms to
21.4 to 23 litres per 100 kms Not bad for a little bit of stainless steel huh, If I use premium unleaded
(Shell Optimax) I can get 305 kms per tank, taking it easy.

Now mpg I think thats about
10-mpg to 11-mpg /24-L100 to 26-L100 before hiclone
12.27-mpg to 13.2-mpg /23-L100 to 21.4-L100 after hiclone

If you want to know about this funny little gadget the web site is (no I dont get a kick back but maybe I should talk to them LOL)
looking forwrd to seeing the results come in.
regards BB
W123 280Te 1982 Modified & still going
W210 190E 1990 (Wifes Car)
W116 350 se sold
W116 280 se sold
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