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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton
Oh, those are so excellent.

I've frequently thought about the reliability of new vehicles (for the first three years) versus the reliability of this POS that I am typing on. But, I should be happy. This one (XP) normally makes it through a whole week before doing something that it wants to report to Microsoft. The old one (98) would crash at least once per day, but never told Microsoft about it.

One additional point that should be added to the list:

11. After you purchase your vehicle, it begins to slow down from the very first day you own it. After a couple of years, it won't go over 30 mph, no matter what you do. No matter how many calls are placed to the dealer, nobody can get it to go faster than 30 mph. You would have to replace all the software in the vehicle to get the speed back up to 100 mph.

Gates and company really do have their heads up their collective asses.
Every company that sells mods for your car, and also porno magazines, comes by and puts a decal on your car without permission that's real hard to remove.
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