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Hi all,

Just thought I would update you on the tranny..

Well its Rebuild time, My Mechanic opened up the tranny pan, and it was black with clutch material.

So it looks like I wont be getting my car back until tuesday or wednesday.

Cost, Around $1400 for the rebuild, which I think is very reasonable.

At the same time I'm getting my springs installed.

My mechanic also says my differential is ok, and everything else is all ok, so the noise I have coming from the rear turns out to be tires according to my mechanic even though my tire guy claims they were balanced and all. I'm going to have my tire guy, rebalance them properly and at high speed, and maybe even on the car if need be.

So I figure I'll be in for around $1600 total for rebuild of tranny, spring install, and complete lube and fluid changes everywhere.

My mechanic said other than the tranny, my car is perfect, so I am glad for that.

Its a good thing he is an MB specialist, only works on MB's, and he used to be the manager of Beverly Hills Mercedes, so I know he knows his stuff, and the cost to me is excellent.

In anycase, I just thought I would update everyone on the post, even though nobody responded to it before...

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