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Attn MBenz

Well living in the US, I really dont have a problem. I know it's illegal in Virgina, but I have been there once in my life passing through.
I have a cousin in Toronto, who picked up a detector on one of his visits to the US, this was supposedly one of the stealth units that was immune to VG-2. Well a 300 dollar (CDN) fine later, and confiscation of the detector, he learned not to believe all the manufacturers claims.
BTW - Mbenz - I know u are the man to ask this to. The 2nd speaker on the drivers side rear deck is for the built in telephone. Where would be the best place to find the wire, and do u know the colors? Im thinking in the rear wire channel under the rear seat on the driver's side. Also does the car have a microphone in it somewhere that would work with the phone? Seems as though my car is prewired for the phone.

Best wishes and take care.
George Androulakis
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