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Discussed a lot in the search area. On some, badges are glued on, some are bolted throught the paint. The glued on ones often come off by heating the inside of the trunk to WARM, not HOT, with a hair dryer, and then using fishing line or dental floss between the paint and badge, with liberal applications of "Final Inspection" while doing the flossing. WD40 takes off any residual glue on the paint. The paint may not be faded (wasn't on my '87), but there may be a faint outline where the numbers were from the paint being deformed slightly under pressure from the letters being applied. Also, the clear coat was obviously still slightly tacky when the letters were put on at the factory, as a very thin section The edges show flow marks and rounding, so I know it didn't come off with the badge. Not visible except up close in certain light. Try a search for more info and opinions!

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