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Code P0303 Power Loss on E55

Hey gang;
Need some advice here on where to start...
2000 E55, 46,000 miles, original plugs, wires. Replaced MAF and air filters about 2000 miles ago. Seems to be running OK with no pronounced miss or rough idle.
There is a noticable loss of power at highway cruising speed, 60MPH on up.
Engine seems to be running at a higher temp then normal. Sometimes, there is an coolant odor in the garage, no visable coolant loss.
Yesterday the check engine light came on with hard acceleration. Code P0303 and some random misfires stored. I reset the codes and the check engine light did not come back on.
I'm thinking of starting by replacing all the wires and plugs with copper core-or should I start by replacing juyst the #3 plugs and wires?
Any suggestions? Should I be looking somewhere else?
00 Silver/Black AMG E55
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